White horses and waves

White horses and high winds are what have been distracting me for most of the day. It’s wonderful to witness the sea whipping up it’s waters and revealing it’s power.

Having lived by the sea for the last 21 years of my life, I couldn’t imagine being away from it. The scene of it forever in motion, the sound, the smell and when I emerge from it’s coolness I feel cleansed and renewed. Many of my most vivid memories take place on the shore or playing in waters around the coast of South West England. Growing up in North Devon, whilst living through my ‘angst’ teenage years, I would often retreat to a favourite spot, a bench that looked across Croyde Beach, and would watch the surfers getting barreled at low tide.

So, the sun is going down and thus my view is disappearing into the darkness.. perhaps I will now get some work done :-). Having recently set up my (very basic) home studio, I’ve been practicing with a few different recording techniques and trying out the Pro Tools Software. Tomorrow will be day 1 of creating my first arrangement. Will let you know how it goes.

Jenny xx

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