Singer-Songwriters in Cornwall at ‘The Unplugged Chameleon’

Chameleon –  a lizard characterized by it’s ability to change colour.

Unplugged – of, relating to, or being a musical instrument, arrangement, or performance that does not feature electronic amplification or modification; acoustic.

The Unplugged Chameleon was recently introduced to me and I LOVE the name, catchy and memorable. What is it? If you’ve not worked it out already The Unplugged Chameleon  is a monthly evening at St. Ives Arts Club which provides a totally unplugged performance space for musicians, singers, songwriters, poets, etc. to entertain an audience with their totally original compositions. Their facebook page also states “The Unplugged Chameleon is totally dedicated to bringing the very best original talent from our beautiful world to the eyes and ears of everyone in it!”.
This beautifully intimate gathering of original performers is organised and run by fellow singer-songwriter, guitarist Lindsey James Cook. He performs regularly at the evening.. and amongst fine company too. The Unplugged Chameleon is riddled with super talented Cornish female singer songwriters (go girls!) such as young, up and coming songstress Polly Money, Caroline Dexter who has it all.. the voice, the lyrics and guitar skills (I love her!) and my absolute favourite local lass (well, local enough.. Devon!) Pippa Williams who I first saw at Truro Acoustic Cafe where her haunting voice and songs blew me away. That was years ago now, but still to this day I love it when one of her songs pops up on my itunes shuffle and I’m instantly transported to another world.

This Saturday 17th December the Unplugged Chameleon plays host to it’s Christmas Special which looks to be just that, special, with performances from Rob Norrington, Duncan Yeates, Aston Drees, Christy ‘Dads Daughter’ Adams, Tom Browning, Logan Anderton, Tom Elliot, Fred Jones, Pippa Williams, Polly Money and Lindsey James Cook himself. What a line up! 🙂

Lindsey has a YouTube channel where you can see videos of some of these great artists in action.. right here.

Finally, I’m delighted to say that I’m going to take part in an Unplugged Chameleon on Saturday 18th February 2012 and I am particularly excited about it! 😀


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  • 18th February’s Unplugged Chameleon has been cancelled x

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