‘Likes Food Too Much’ To Look Like Jennifer Aniston..

Katherine Heigl ‘Likes Food Too Much’ To Look Like Jennifer Aniston Or Jessica Alba – Celebrity Gossip, News & Photos, Movie Reviews, Competitions – Entertainmentwise.

Ok, let me first point out that I am not one for celebrity gossip… at all.. but when logging in this morning, this one caught my eye. Having never heard of Katherine Heigl my mental image when reading the headline was of someone who would be totally overweight. Then the image loads up, and no, apparently not.. she is beautiful and slim with an amazing figure. She goes on to talk about how hard girls like Jennifer Aniston work for their bodies. This led me to learn more about Jen’s exercise regime. From what I can find it consists mainly of yoga and interval training; superb basics of fitness.

As legendary combat fitness instructor Mike Lee Kanarek says “Looking good is a by product not a destination”. I agree with that entirely. I WANT to work out, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE, even ADORE food quite probably as much as Katherine, but exercise on a daily basis gives me strength, confidence, longevity, health and energy. Don’t get muddled up that exercise is about looking good, exercise to help you live longer, exercise to stimulate new brain cells and improve memory, exercise to strengthen your heart, exercise to feel happy and reduce stress, exercise to lower your blood pressure, exercise to increase your muscle strength, exercise to strengthen your immune system and exercise to have better quality sleep… all these reason and so many more! Then after all those most important benefits.. you get the added bonus of improving the way you look.

When JB Glossinger, founder or Morning Coach.com, gave me the idea to exercise for all the reasons above with the exception of for the way I look.. it changed my attitude to my fitness schedule dramatically. Exercise is great. Love it, embrace it, do it… you’ll never regret it.

One love,

Jen xxx

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