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  • brauntonfan
    10 years ago

    hiya can you send me a copy of ode to a rizla – hope you are all well

  • Hey Jenny, you reckon the other two releases will be available to download also?

    Hope you;re good, great stuff!!!!!


    • Hi there, sadly not.. :-/. Maybe one day when I’m feeling brave enough I might let the public hear them! x

  • Me again! I really need OneSided, it’s amazing, just seen the video!!!!

  • Really enjoyed the session last night! Had to leave with the ‘Kaj-ser chief’, he was driving. Hope to catch you again soon.

    • Thank you and thank you also for coming. It felt like a really great evening 🙂

  • Just looking at your giglist, it occurred to me that you could do with a few more gigs at the humphrey davy!

    • Ha ha! Yes, I host the Open Mic Night there every Thursday 🙂

  • Hi Jenny,

    Really sorry to have missed you at ParkLive yesterday, I hope it went well, if the weather didn’t make it impossible. Also that it has taken me this long to get into contact since we bumped into each other in Vertigo Bar, Truro, where I distinctly remember playing some ‘Easy Flamenco’ & ‘Newton Faulkner Style Percussive’ on your Aria Guitar.
    It’s brilliant to see someone doing so well, especially a female independent artist.
    I’m at the ‘must get a website stage’ myself, so thanks for the inspiration, and Eminien & Folk infused blog.

    All the best,


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