Hi everyone, so I did it, a website, chuffed 🙂

The last few months have been full of gigging around Cornwall on a weekly basis and I’ve loved every moment of it. Not a great deal of song writing has gone on and sadly I also had to cancel a date with the one and only Ray Davis for his Arvon Foundation songwriting course which I was meant to be attending next week.. but I’m holding out that I may be accepted on the course again next year.

Now the web site is done and all my current music is available on itunes, my plan of action is to write more music, keep gigging and meeting wonderful like-minded people doing so. I find it so inspiring to be around fellow, local musicians such as Dom Youngman, Kaj Skjervik, Tony Haven, Abee Hague and Tracy Mack. Hopefully one day my dream of collaborating with said musicians will manifest.

I’ve been toying with an idea for a while to purchase myself a big fat Mac Pro with which to home record a full album. This is quite a major decision.. obviously due to the financial implications that buying a Mac involves, but more due to the time I would need to invest to produce an album of industry quality. Time will tell and we’ll see if my Pro Tools music software tuition DVD’s get thrown out of the window!

If you’re in Cornwall on Monday (19th September 2011) I’ll be playing a chilled out acoustic set at Vertigo Bar in Truro, but have a look at my Live page for more gig dates.

So, bye for now and thank you for taking the time to read my first ever blog post!

Love Jenny xx

2 Responses to “Hoorah!

  • Jenny,
    You’re website is BEAUTIFUL! I’m so proud of what you have accomplished in such a short time from when I left you in May. I’m glad I can watch your growth and look forward to reading more of your success. Many blessing to you!

  • Yea for Jenny!! So excited for you! Congratulations, my friend. Wishing only the best for you.

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