Each tiny piece of me…

Just watched Giuliana & Bill, Season 4, Episode “Picking Up The Pieces”.

It’s an American ‘reality’ show that follows the lives of Giuliana Rancic, a journalist, entertainment news anchor, author, television producer, mentor and philanthropist and her husband Bill Rancic who was Donald Trump‘s original Apprentice.

This episode focuses on the story detailing Giuliana’s recent miscarriage which occurred after the couple’s successful IVF treatment.

very short clip of my song ‘Completely’ is featured in the show. Was really lovely to hear it and witness how it was used. Plus, the whole episode (and series) is full of really amazing music from other artists licensed by Prelude Publishing.

You can watch the whole episode here. 🙂


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  • Woops, that last link doesn’t work anymore.. looks like someone was naughty!

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