Demo 1.0 – Lyrics

Tracing The Evidence – June 1999 Does he need what he desires?Does he falter at his need?Does she hold what’s in her mindFor her fear of being free? Tracing the evidence with my finger on your skinCounting every minute that you beg to let me inI’ll strengthen you so to escape into our blissful dreamTogether […]

Meltdown – Lyrics

Falling Fast August 1998 Waiting and wanting for my sunshine to be nearI watch you intensely with my silent fearClouds form and shadows drop and I shiver for your raysAs I search in my maze for feelings I know are thereSomewhere What are we approachingAll over again I’m floatingBut the branch breaks and I made […]

Zephyr – Lyrics

Burning October 1998 It was of silent sound and settled downMyself was content with my thoughts I could spendHours on end daydreaming But this game we play wants to see some changeAnd through none of my control what I have in my soulIs falling and changing it’s shape and sizeCan you see in my eyesI’m […]

About You – Lyrics

Without You April 2004 I’m breathing, I’m feeling confidence exploding back into meAnd I’m fighting for what I feel is right and moreAnd I think this might cause me to be Without you, because I won’t sit down any moreWithout you, I won’t bow my head, instead I will slam the door To think that […]

Changing Scenes – Lyrics

Poet’s Truth Vocals/Guitar – Jenny Bishop Trumpet – Richard Evans Drums/Percussion/Bass Guitar – Gareth Young Organ – Luke Bond When I looked into your eyes I knew I could not disguise my love for youYou take me far awayYou take me to a place of light and truthI’m lost in youIn your eyes I see […]