Adele Sucess At American Music Awards 2001

Just been catching up on this years American Music Awards which took place in LA, this November. Absolutely delighted to see how successful London born singer-songwriter Adele was. She won three of the four categories she was nominated for.. Favourite Pop/Rock Female Artist, Favourite Pop/Rock Album with her beautifully touching album 21 and Favourite Adult Contemporary Artist. Get in Adele!

She was the only British artist to win any categories, with Mumford & Sons (the other British act) lost to the almighty Foo Fighters who won Favourite Alternative Artist.

There was only one other artist to win 3 awards who was the gorgeous Taylor Swift, she won all three of her categories… Artist Of The Year, Favourite Country Female Artist and Favourite Country Album (with ‘Speak Now’).

My personal highlight was to discover that Jennifer Lopez won Favourite Latin Artist. I’m not a huge Jo-Lo fan or anything, just pleased that someone else got a shot at it after Enrique Inglesias held the title for 5 years running! Really!?

Jen xx

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