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  • brauntonfan
    6 years ago

    hiya can you send me a copy of ode to a rizla – hope you are all well

  • Hey Jenny, you reckon the other two releases will be available to download also?

    Hope you;re good, great stuff!!!!!


    • Hi there, sadly not.. :-/. Maybe one day when I’m feeling brave enough I might let the public hear them! x

  • Me again! I really need OneSided, it’s amazing, just seen the video!!!!

  • Really enjoyed the session last night! Had to leave with the ‘Kaj-ser chief’, he was driving. Hope to catch you again soon.

    • Thank you and thank you also for coming. It felt like a really great evening 🙂

  • Just looking at your giglist, it occurred to me that you could do with a few more gigs at the humphrey davy!

    • Ha ha! Yes, I host the Open Mic Night there every Thursday 🙂

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